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President's Message

From the desk of President

                                      We have great pleasure in presenting you the Council of School Education, Haryana . This COUNCIL was established by an Act of Society Registration Act XXI of 1860 to provide opportunities for education and profession. CSE wants to provide high quality education and training for public need of any one, any time and any where. CSE values the appropriate view of education to enhance the quality of learning and teaching process. CSE is committed to quality education capacity and teaching. CSE will also offer soon the self learning study materials to the students such that they can prepare themself easily and feel as their teachers are  seated beside them. These efforts are supported by personal contacts with experts in our centre so that students problems can easily solved.
                       The Council will functions through a large network center  in the Nation. For any other quarry anyone can visit our official website www.fcserohtak.in.
                                              So enjoy your studies at the Council. We wish you all success.



                                                                                                                  CSE, HARYANA